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Pool Servicing

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Our Pool Service and Maintenance Division, American Pools and Fountains, offers many services that you can take advantage of. Below is a list of basic maintenance customers need each year. Look them over and remember American Pools and Fountains is here to help to keep your American Pool in great condition!

Pool Openings in the Spring

Scheduling for a pool opening needs to be done a few days in advance. We open pools starting in March and ending in June. Most families want to open before Memorial Day weekend so it gets very hectic the week before. To receive service on the day you desire, schedule early.  If we closed your pool the season before, we check to see if any notations were made on the fall work order concerning needed repairs, parts, or services for your pool in the spring. It is important to let the office staff know exactly what you need when you call for an appointment. Do you want the cover cleaned or stored in a special place? Will you need the pool vacuumed? Do you want us to leave a month’s supply or season supply of chemicals? If you have a heater, do you want it left on?

Pool Closings in the Fall

Closing a pool in the fall is more complex than opening a pool in the spring. It is important to winterize properly. It is our practice to blow the water back into the pool and plug the inlet . This method protects the line from freezing and saves the consumer from purchasing many gallons of antifreeze. We winterize the skimmers by sucking them dry, plugging them, and adding antifreeze. If rain water adds water to the skimmers after we have drained them, it may be necessary to add another gallon of antifreeze prior to an expected winter freeze. As winter temperatures rise from global warming, it may not be necessary in the future to winterize with this method.


Since it is not possible to winterize the main drain line that goes to the bottom of the pool, we keep the water level in the pool below the frost line. Since the main drain is open, the water in the main drain line will always be at the same level as the pool. So by keeping the pool water below the frost line, the main drain line will automatically stay below the frost line too.


If you have a sand filter we drain it. If you have a DE filter, we take it apart and clean the screens and drain it. Sand filters may hold water if the cap is put back on too soon before it is completely drained. They may also hold water if the multi-port valve is not put in the winter position or put between settings so the air pressure will force the water out. Occasionally a tank will split or rupture because the tank was drained but not completely. Then when the water left in the tank freezes, the tank cracks.


We also drain the pump and add antifreeze. Antifreeze looses its color in a day of sunlight. So it may appear to have water in the pump. Antifreeze has a sweet taste. A taste test can quickly tell you whether you have water or antifreeze in the pump wet end section.


The pressure gauge is removed from the multi-port valve at closing to protect it from winter damage. It will last longer if kept in a place where it won’t freeze. We also store your plugs, directional eyeballs, and pressure gauge in either your skimmer basket or a plastic zip bag so they are easy to find when you get ready to open in the spring.

Weekly Cleaning Service

We offer cleaning service to our regular customers. We come twice a week to vacuum, test the water, and add chemicals. We watch for problems that may arise in the pump system and notify you if repairs are needed. Each trip takes about an hour including travel time. In the event of a bad storm that would dump large amounts of debris in the pool, we could change our routine day for coming on that week. If you are planning a party or event, we can schedule cleaning for that day. Chemicals are not included in the weekly maintenance price. Call for an estimate.

Pool Supplies

American Pools and Fountains can provide you with pool and spa supplies, pool covers, slides, and much more. We partner with high quality preferred companies, such as: 


Rico Rock
Cover Pools
Nature 2
SR Smith
Dolphin Water slides
Global Pool Products


Vacation Pool Service

If you would like to have us care for your pool during vacation time call for information. We prefer to come twice a week so we can better control the water chemistry. Although you may use an automatic vacuum system, it is our practice to hand vacuum so the pool is clean before we leave.

Liner Replacement

We install many liners every year. There are many beautiful colors and patters available. If you are interested we can discuss the options with you.

Pool Renovation

All pool renovation projects are individually bid. Contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs.

Heater, Pump, Filter Replacement

We carry Pac Fab®, and Jandy® major equipment brands for new or replacement parts. We can prepare a bid for you for other replacement parts such as ladders, dip rails, diving boards, lights, etc.

Spa Repair

We service all brands of spas. Since so many of our customers live in other communities it is necessary for us to charge travel time as part of the service call. We make every effort to bring parts so two trips are not necessary. Sometimes it is necessary to make a trip for diagnosis of the problem if it cannot be determined over the phone and a trip to install a part that has to be ordered.

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