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Fire & Water Features

American Pools and Fountains specializes in, and is well known for combining Fire and Water.  Brilliance and night time sizzle can be added using fireplaces and various fire features.  Fire pits, cobblestone surrounded fire places and traditional tiki torch lamps, are just a few options available for your backyard entertainment area. These additions are great for parties, wintertime relaxation after soaking in a spa, and night time conversations.

Fireplaces,  Allen Block,  and Retaining Walls

Huge stone fireplaces can be constructed for your backyard. Roast marshmallows, warm your hands, or just enjoy a crackling fire. Our fireplaces are professionally constructed by our trained crew members and under the observation of foreman. Detailing in the stonework transform what would be a general fireplace into a unique addition to your yard. A retaining wall and Allen Block structure can be installed to define perimeter and add a concrete texture to your landscape. Beautiful tiers of walls can really bring out the beauty of your home.



Positioned creatively among your landscape, these fire areas afford illumination you can’t get with conventional lighting.

American Pools and Fountains ensures safe installation and operation within your landscape to protect your home and plant life. Firepits aren’t like fireplaces because they are smaller and generally spread out throughout the landscape. Instructions on how to properly operate your firepit area are offered to our customers. Safety, above all other things, comes first.


Tiki Torches  

The traditional tiki torches have been popular for years with families and at parties. Simple operation and an inexpensive investment make this an easy accent to have for your yard. Tiki torches also ward away pesky mosquitos. American Pools and Fountains encourages you to consider adding a prestigious fountain or an elegant waterfall to your backyard oasis, taking it to a new level of enjoyment and value. Whether you want a fountain that delivers soothing, therapeutic audible bliss, or a waterfall rock-scape that deposits into a stocked coy pond, the decision is yours.

Water Features

American Pools and Fountains regularly constructs entire rock-scapes that flesh in perfectly with your existing or developed landscape.  Sometimes what is needed is a peaceful waterfall or flowing stream.


Imagine looking out your back window and seeing a three-tiered cascading waterfall. Of dream of a small pond that continually circulates filled with fish and plants. These are improvement you can add to any landscape to add uniqueness and character.


Take a moment to read more about these features, and be sure to view examples from our Gallery.


Fountain Designs and Types   

Fountains have for a long time portrayed an image of elegance and sophistication.  Having a fountain in your yard not only greets visitors, but also adds visual appeal to your overall property.  Fountains can be installed independent of a pool, or as part of an existing pool.  Pool dependent fountains utilize Aquascope™ technology for optimum performance.


You really have two choices among fountain types. Either a free standing specialty fountain system or a telescoping system that is installed in an existing body of water. Both are right choices depending on your needs, and your desires. Pools, for example, are perfect for telescoping fountains. Backyard patios are ideal for specialty fountains. Choose which is right for you and learn more about them. Learn more about;

  • Free Standing Specialty fountains

  • Learn more about Telescoping fountains

Fountains and waterfalls are two unique water fixtures that are often added to a yard, landscape, and pool environment to enhance the look and feel that already exists. 


American Pools and Fountains installs waterfalls that really look as if they were part of nature to begin with.  Beyond that, we customize each job that we do in order to take advantage of the current surroundings already there.


All fountains and waterfalls installed by American Pools and Fountains meet the highest quality standards.  American Pools and Fountains is the leader in Northeast Ohio for installing fountains, and creating natural looking waterfalls.  You will find that we are the best in what we do.

Contact us today so we can show you some unique ways to combine Fire and Water!

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