Outdoor Structures….The possibilities are endless!

American Pools and Fountains designs and builds custom outdoor structures such as, but not limited to, gazebos, cabanas, pool houses, arbor/trellis,  stone and masonry walls, grecian pillars, pergolas, decks/fencing, custom playhouses, & multi-season living spaces. Our masonry and carpentry crews combine the utmost craftsmanship and detail utilizing high quality innovative materials that can compliment your pool area, as well as make it more private and secure. Increase the elegance of your yard with the addition of landscape structures. Many custom additions can be installed to enrich the overall appeal of your pool environment.

Outdoor Stereo Systems
Music lovers will enjoy being able to bring the excitement of a stereo to the outdoors. American Pools and Fountains discretely installs surround speakers throughout your yard. The stereo equipment is hidden inside rock features, and all wires are buried safely under the ground. Wireless and digital controls from your outdoor living room or house allows you to easily change the CD track.

American Pools and Fountains creates many outdoor themes such as “olde world” craftsmanship while creating masonry designs that feature arches, radius walls, mosaic designs, etc. with various styles of facade complimented with sandstone and granite accents resulting in one-of-a-kind structures.

Visit our Gallery of Structures to see a sampling of our creations.