Types of Pools

American Pools and Fountains is known for building world-class pools and structures. We offer various types of pools to accommodate a wide range of budgets.  Call us today or click on the Contact Us and a representative will reach out to you to set up a free consultation.

Concrete/Gunite/Shotcrete Pools
American Pools and Fountains is recognized locally and nationally for our world class water shapes using the gunite/concrete pool as our vessel. The gunite/concrete pool offers our clients endless possibilities in every category of design.

American Pools and Fountains will introduce you to our (12) step gunite/concrete pool construction process. The gunite/concrete pool allows us to offer our clients watershaping features such as a vanishing edge, zero entry beaches, sun decks, swimout benches, water lounges, swim-up bars setting the tone for your home vacation for everyday enjoyment. American Pools and Fountains will spend time evaluating the landspace, budgets and multiple design concepts reviewing your site and desires to incorporate into your watershape design. We will discuss the opportunity to use green products such as salt generation, ultraviolet lights, & solar power as we have vast experience in these areas.

American Pools and Fountains has the ability to offer our clients a unique three- dimensional watershaping design tour package allowing our clients to tour their “new”  American Pools and Fountainsbackyard prior to it’s existence.

Fiberglass Pools
American Pools and Fountains has formed a strong relationship with the most recognized fiberglass pool manufactures in the world. Our relationship with Viking and CPC allows us to offer a lifetime warranty with every fiberglass pool installed. We offer in excess of 65 unique trend setting pool, spa and lap pools with the ability to customize equally to our world class concrete pools with custom interior surfaces, perimeter and inlay tile chosen to blend with the outdoor décor of your “new” backyard resort . . . retreat. The fiberglass pool is the most recognized for low maintenance as the surface is satin smooth resisting any algae to adhere to the surface requiring significantly less cleaning time. Your new fiberglass pool is a one piece molded shell reducing significant construction time onsite.

American Pools and Fountains will have our clients swimming within a 30-day time frame. American Pools and Fountains will spend quality time evaluating with you the needs and desires for your project to suite your lifestyle while enhancing the existing structures and surrounding landscape.

Vinyl Liner Pools
American Pools and Fountains offers custom installation of vinyl liner in-ground pools. Our research and experience has guided us to the most recognized manufacturers in the industry. Our custom vinyl liner pool installation will take our clients through the (8) step construction process that will allow for alternative upgrades such as, but not limited to, custom coping detail, water features, waterfalls and masonry raised bond beams that are otherwise not offered in the industry. We take the budget sensitive vinyl liner pool construction to a new standard in the water-shaping industry.

American Pools and Fountains is recognized for our custom designs and proprietary methods.
Please visit our Gallery to see our world class pool designs and installations.

Basic Shapes of Pools