Tiling Your Pool

tilling1Over 300 Tile Designs to choose from

American Pools offers you numerous design options for tiling your pool or spa.

All About Tile and Tiling Your Pool

Tile is used for two main purposes. Aesthetic purposes to create different looks to pools. Its other purpose is to keep the water from staining the plaster at its water line. Tiles are put on the perimeter to keep scum and dirt floating on the pool surface from adhering to the wall. The tile is easily wiped or brushed clean, whereas without the tile the plaster would have a black stain at the water line. Some pools use tile for the surface of the pool, but this is much more expensive than plaster and is very slippery. Standard tile depth is 6″ from the top of the pool. All staircases and benches are installed with a 2″ tile border along the edge approximately 1/2″ from the actual edge to highlight the step or feature bench.