Pool Covers

American Pools installs industry leading Cantar™ Secure-A-Matic® and Anchor Industries™ professinoal grade pool covers. You can choose between an automatic covering system or a manual cover for your pool.

Cantar Secure-A-Matic
The Cantar Secure-A-Matic is the world’s best automatic pool covering system. Simply turn a key when you are not using your pool and the cover extends to cover nearly any pool shape. Safe, easy and affordable.

Anchor Industries Pool Covers
Anchor Industries manufactures some of the strongest and most well known pool covers on the market today. Continuing with American Pools and Fountains’ strong belief in using only the best we install Anchor Industries covers for all of our installed pools.

Covered Pool

Pool covers for safety and cleanliness
A cover protects your pool from accidental entry of foreign objects and animals. It is also a safety precaution for your family.